If I am lost without Christ then I risk living a lost life every day. If I can do nothing apart from Christ then I risk doing nothing with my life every day. If Christ is the light and the truth then I risk living in darkness – living a lie – every day. Every day that I don’t choose to live in connection with Christ is another day that I throw it all away. Following Jesus is a daily thing. It’s a choice we face over and over again.

Jesus hasn’t stopped laboring for His people. His work isn’t over. He’s trying to sanctify us every day. It’s a process. We live in a universe that testifies to the fact that the most wonderful things take time to become what they are meant to be. Trees take years to get from saplings to giants. An infant takes nine months to get from initial conception to birth! It takes us six days to get around to our next Sabbath. How much greater a process must it be for us to get from broken people to Christlike saints! In all of these very different things, there is something constantly happening – the act of becoming.

Right now – in this very moment – what are you becoming?


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