Right now I am 1 person among 7,175,991,120 people. What significance do I have? My life is like a vapor, a breath. Most likely only a few hundred of those billions of people will ever even know who I am. Far fewer than that will ever know me deeply. The influence I have today is like a drop in the ocean compared to the grand scheme of things. Who am I?

Who I am is a part of something. I am a member of a body. Knowing this sets me free from trying to be that something on my own and trying to operate solo. The stress and pride and constant work that it takes to be a one-man show is off my back. I am someone who is dependent. I am someone who is created. I am someone who is loved. I am someone who is allowed to mess up because I am not the entirety of the world. If I mess up everything does not fail. There will be other hands, stronger hands, to lift me when I fall. My significance is found in the community that loves me, the Father that created me, the Savior who poured Himself out for me.